Rooms just come down to two things--budget and what you can find available. If you have a high budget more doors are open to you. But, that being said, there are some REALLY GOOD VALUES in the suite life in Vegas, if you know where to dig. Prices vary WIDELY though, at some times of the year, you can get a room for a couple hundred bucks, that normally would go for a couple thousand!

So planning your time that you go, affects budget greatly.


Busiest Times: New Years Eve,  Super Bowl Weekend, March Madness, Memorial Day Weekend, Halloween, Early December (Rodeo) and anytime there is a major convention, the biggest being CES in early January. 

vegas crowd.jpg

New Years Eve in Vegas

Slowest Times-- Late November, Late December and (Christmas Week). Thanksgiving used to be slow,

but now it has become a busier week in recent years.


In November the Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks Open

So, with that in mind, we can't really quote you prices, but here's two categories which you may find useful below.

Best Party Suites

(High Budget)

Aria Sky Suites

It's nice. We were involved with a party for Drake here one night. Do we need to say anymore?


Villas at Bellagio

6,500 Square feet and it includes your own pool, a couple terraces, a whirlpool, your own gym, two bedrooms, five bathrooms, a full sized conference Room, steam room, massage room, private hair salon, private kitchen, a nice wet bar and two fireplaces and European Furnishings.

villa bellagio.jpg

Best Party Suites 

(Best Bang for Your Buck)

Forum Classic Emperor Suite 

Caesars Palace

Also known as the "Rainman" Suite, you can score this old school Vegas gem for a grand or two and its got a tremendous view of the strip. It also is 3,295 square feet and sleeps ten. So if you are going dutch with a few buddies, it's a screamin' deal. 

It was made for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties.

Forum Tower Emperors Suite 3.jpg

MGM Skylofts

While the room itself is kind of small, you get an awesome deck, which has some of the best views we have ever seen-- great for partying on. 

People even get married on these and it's perfect.

 Every time we've played here, nobody has ever bothered us, due to the soundproofing of the rooms around the terrace and it's remoteness away from all the other rooms. 

While not it's cheap, if you are thinking in wedding dollars of renting a large space, you come out way ahead, because you can actually have your ceremony, have your reception and some of you can STAY here as well. This makes it a great deal. 


Now, let's just get CRAZY...

The Cleopatra Villa @ Caesars Palace

5,000 Square feet of space, it's your own marble covered getaway and it's where dignitaries and royalty have stayed. Of course, your own Pool, piano and everything in between. 

Caesars Cleopatra Villa.png

The Mansion @ MGM Grand

That's right kids. The rumors are true. There is a secret mansion inside of a glass dome located behind the MGM Grand. It's invite only and it consists of different Villas as well inside. 

Crazy private and all the food is overseen by private chefs with the highest training.


More Insider Tips and Hidden Suites, coming soon!