The first thing you will need, obviously, is a suite. 

Las Vegas is known for its bohemian attitude and generally,  no matter what you are envisioning you can make it happen here--and in most cases you will have no problem throwing a party in your room. But there are a few variables here and there--and we are going to share with you, what they are below.

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Bellagio Villas

Let's start with WHERE you should try to secure a room.

Here are some tips--


#1.  Business Hotels and off-strip hotels are usually not the best places to throw a party. Businessmen (sometimes) are booked into the more conservative hotels because they are seeking a quieter stay, to focus on work. 

You are also better off avoiding the budget places that cater to lots of families. Now, the larger more "adult" casino hotels and the ones with specially designed "party suites" are usually what you want to go after. You're going to want plenty of room depending on the size of your party and don't want everyone crammed in just one space.

Palms Suite

#2. The more VIP (and larger) your room is, the more leeway they will give you, especially if you are throwing a really BIG and splashy bash. Every Hotel is different, but keep in mind the following--when it comes to noise (active crowd noise or music related) you usually can avoid getting "that phone call" or a visit from security by picking a "Corner Suite" (or renting one of the specially designed "party suites"). Its also a good idea to request that your room be located on the end of the building. In reality, the only real way you'll ever get bothered is to have your "neighbors" call the front desk with a noise complaint, which honestly rarely happens. But if you pick your room thoughtfully with these things in mind-- you will be just fine. 


ARIA Skysuite

#3. Having your guests stay at the same hotel does make things easier--not only for transportation purposes, but because the elevators to get up and down from your suite, usually require a key to gain access by either showing it to someone below or using it in the elevator. You can also solve this by having someone in your party, go down to the lobby to meet guests at a certain time and bring them up to the room. If you would like a greeter to have this done for you, we also can arrange it with one of our staff--all you need to do is give said person an extra room key when they arrives and arm them with the main name on the room reservation. Problem solved. Easy.

For a list of the Ultimate Party Suites, be sure to check out our page: Our Favorite Suites.

Once you've gotten your Suite all figured out, the next step is to figure out the type of party are you looking to have.

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