Who doesn't love a Wedding In Vegas? 

For over 100 years, this town is known for it!


You don't have to put your wedding on hold, there's a million ways to do it in Vegas. 

One of our favorites is to rent a suite, get married somewhere picturesque and have your reception in your luxury suite. You can go as late as you want and you call the shots versus being on any time constraints.

The difference between a massive VIP suite and renting a ballroom, is very comparable.  Then have your wedding dinner in any of over 1,000 world class restaurants all minutes away--or located right on property. 


There's so much to do and see in Vegas, you'll be hard pressed for your guests flying in to not have something awesome to do, everyday they are here.

Great golf courses all neat the strip, fantastic nightlife and world class dining.  Not to mention world class spa's and designer salons located right on most hotels properties. 


As far as side trips, you can piggy back trips to The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Los Angeles are all cheap, easy lights from Las Vegas. 

Vegas weddings aren't cheesy, unless that's what you are after. The options are head spinning with variety.

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Your Wedding. Your Way.