We are a group of local professionals who saw a need in our town.


A need for people to be able to connect with other people.


It's simple. You come to Las Vegas, knowing what kind of experience you want--but you don't know anybody in town.


That's where we come in.


We're your friends in town --and we all live here.

We're proud of where we live, we love our jobs--and we simply want people to enjoy themselves as much as possible, while they are here.


We're more than just a company--we are a collaboration. 

You tell us what you want --and we tailor the whole thing to our client. 


All participants are licensed and insured and take pride in what we do.

If your party isn't a success--we aren't a success-- and for over twenty years in the business we've been a success.


Licensed, Insured and ready to serve your needs.

If you have the budget, we can make just about ANYTHING happen.

That's the magic of VEGAS. 

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